Saturday, 17 July 2010

May I Start, May I Finish. Pochade painting of New Bird Street.

July feels like the first month we haven't been guaranteed the sun. I must admit I really like working with the contrast of light and shadow to aid the composition of a picture, but given the the flat lighting I think the painting turned out OK. I managed to fire off a couple of drawings before working on the colour study. Time seems to stand still when you're left alone to work, unobserved. I think as the days grow shorter I will try a few night paintings, these might add a little something that goes missing with the sun.

Is it just me? I think it's quiet apt to find that the Liverpool Duck parks up every night in New Bird Street...oh, it is just me then.

DUKW is a US Army acronym meaning D = 1942, U = utility or amphibious, K = 6 wheel drive and W = twin rear axles. The vehicles have always been affectionately referred to as ‘Ducks’. Of those built, between 700 and 1,000 are thought to still exist. We are currently researching their history but know that Wacker Quacker 1 was once owned by BP and spent a number of years operating in Aberdeen Harbour. It then went to an army museum in Scotland but was never put on display. It was purchased by Mr Rex Ward a few years ago and restored to show condition. We purchased it in 2000 and updated and converted it to the configuration you see it in today.

for anyone new to the Duck the blurb goes on to describe.

Your hour-long trip begins on the road, taking in the historic Waterfront, touring the famous sights of the City, then making a dramatic “SPLASHDOWN” in the Salthouse Dock.

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