Friday, 9 July 2010

May I Start, May I Finish. Pochade painting of Princes Road.

This is a sort of continuation of the last painting in that if you walk to the end and turn right, this is the view of Princes Road heading into town, apparently heading the other way on this dual carriageway it's called Princes Avenue,(what I always thought the whole place was called).

The building on the right is part of the first grade 1 listed Synagogue outside London, in the distance sit the Anglican cathedral and two of the four domes of the Greek Orthodox church of Saint Nicholas. I find it refreshing that these buildings all sit in the shadow of each other.

I spent two days at the Georges Hall this week showing work with the different communities that make up the spirit of Liverpool. After talking to a woman who was looking at the painting project I'm doing, she showed me a copy of some work by Alan P Tankard. Alan was doing something similar in the 50's and this is the only snippet I have come up with, so if you have any more info or can point me in the direction of his book I'd be most grateful.

A more recent artist, who you may have heard of, Alan Tankard was born in Manchester in 1897 but was involved with Liverpool all his life.

His family moved to the city in 1916 and he transferred from Manchester College of Art to Liverpool College of Art where he remained all his working life. His topographical watercolours and drawings of the city probably first date from the 1940s when he took his students to sketch bomb-damaged buildings.

This led him to being commissioned to provide a major series for the Recording Merseyside project with watercolours and drawings.

His views of Liverpool and elsewhere were painted mainly from observation. He completed his pictures quickly, preferably when the sun was shining which he said made the buildings “sparkle”. He retired in 1961 and died in 1964. His paintings are highly saleable.

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