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All paintings are 21cm x 14cm, unless marked otherwise.

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All about the project

May I Start, May I Finish.

One City One Year One Painter

Over the coming year starting from May 2010, till May 2011, Steve Strode will be painting the city of Liverpool.  The artist will produce between 15 and 20 pieces a month which will culminate in over two hundred paintings of the city for a whole year, available for exhibition.  All of the paintings will be 21cm x 14cm.

It is envisaged that the public can play a major roll in the project by selecting or commenting on the city sites to be painted online.  I don’t believe anyone has attempted to document this city for a whole year in paint with the added input of the general public also taken into consideration; in effect it would be painting by proxy. 

Steering away from the iconic in favour of typical Liverpool streets will be a strong feature of the work. The unsung, yet in many cases beautiful and so often neglected aspects of the city will be painted.  Where these iconic images do appear they will be used a backdrop for the life that goes on around them. 

Potentially it is a time for us to have a quiet moment alone with ourselves and to savor something that we see every day but are now offered the opportunity for it to be interesting or even beautiful.   Our time is filled with the ordinary; it is up to us to find the extraordinary in that.  Letting events tell their own story as much as possible. It is perhaps up to the artist to find a sense of the sublime in the most inauspicious of subjects.