Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Liverpool painting. May I Start, May I Finish. Renshaw Street

I think I need to remember Philip Larkin’s quote that, ‘Something like nothing happens everywhere.’

I did this from a photograph I took yesterday along with a few quick colour notes. The thing about painting Liverpool for the year is not only do I get to go to places I've never seen before, but I get to do paintings I may not normally consider making. I can’t always be waiting for the perfect conditions that may be ahead, I don’t think I’d get very far with trying 15 to 20 paintings a month.

I think Renshaw Street is one such painting, a dull wet day that would not really be seen a painting opportunity until you consider the muted colours, the Cathedral being swallowed by the mist and the reflections on the road. The resultant image is not the happy shining picture that we would associate with the thought out perfect image; I suppose it’s a painting challenge. Having done the one, I think I would probably try a couple more and resolve a new set of problematic lighting conditions, and given the July we’re having it might not be such a bad idea after all.

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