Thursday, 14 April 2011

Liverpool painting No.118. Mossley Hill Drive.

21cm x 14cm acrylic on canvas board £90.

I always thought the Marie Curie field of hope was confined to the city, not so they’re all over the British Isles

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Liverpool painting No.117. Green Lane

21cm x 12cm acrylic on canvas £90

Painted from photos yesterday in Old Swan. I think someone suggested a while back I do another painting of Old Swan. Did I mention I was in Old Swan yesterday? :-)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Speke Hall scullery painting.

21cm x 14cm, acrylic on canvas board

One of the paintings of the scullery items in Speke Hall, probably a few more to follow as the place is a treasure trove of the things we used to use. I like the way the room was left, almost as if the staff would return to use it at any time.

I have a still life in the show at Editions on Cook Street

Liverpool Open 2011

Liverpool Open Exhibition 2011 at Editions Gallery
Following on from the very successful 2009/2010 Liverpool Open Exhibition at Editions Gallery, Merseyside based artists and print makers are invited by Editions Ltd and LOACA.ART to submit work for the 2011 Liverpool Open Exhibition.
The exhibition will run from the 7 April (Private View) to the 7 May in Editions Gallery, Cook Street, Liverpool.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Revisiting Penlee Lifeboat Paintings.

Carry Me Home.

35cm x 35cm x2cm. Mixed media on board

It’s hard to believe that it’s 30 years since the Penlee lifeboat disaster. It’s a subject I keep returning to in the disbelief of the heroism shown that night by the crew of the lifeboat.

On an entirely different note, the print fair for this weekend has had the Saturday cancelled, ‘due to circumstances beyond our control’. However the Sunday goes ahead as planned.

1981: Lifeboat crew missing after mission

A desperate search is underway for eight members of a life boat crew missing feared dead off the Cornish coast.

All contact has been lost with the crew of RNLI Penlee lifeboat, Soloman Browne, which was answering a distress call in treacherous weather conditions last night.

The men were giving assistance to Union Star whose crew reported engine failure eight miles east of Wolf Rock Lighthouse, south-west Cornwall.

Last contact with the Penlee crew was made last night shortly after reports it had rescued four of the eight people aboard the Union Star.

But this morning the vessel was found broken into small pieces.

Seven bodies have been recovered from the water.

The rescue attempt was taking place in winds coming from the south east at hurricane force 12, gusting to 90 knots and the sea reaching 60ft high.

Many of the crew, volunteers made up of fishermen among others, were from the close-knit fishing community of Mousehole.

Local men and those from neighbouring stations have joined a major sea and air search alongside a naval helicopter, life boats and fishing vessels.


They have been searching since the early hours of this morning and pledged to continue indefinitely despite waning hopes the men will be found alive.

The community is described as being 'numb with shock' as the Penlee lifeboat has been on station for 21 years and the crew were all experienced.

But the conditions last night were so poor that in spite many attempts a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter was unable to lift off any of the coaster's crew.

This morning the Union Star is upturned and washed ashore at the bottom of cliffs.

It is understood she launched from Denmark ten days ago and was travelling to Ireland with a cargo of fertilisers.

There is speculation the Solomon Browne may have collided with the hull of the Union Star, with many ruling out a capsize because this type of boat is subject to regular checks.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Speke Hall scullery

I was out at Speke Hall today for a couple of hours and left alone to explore the scullery. I couldn't help but notice the almost Vermeer quality to the light as it shone on the stone range through the windows.

We've just sent off our census but I was looking at the entry for April 3rd 1881 at the hall

5" x 5" carbon and acrylic

I'm not allowed to paint in the hall for obvious reasons, but I can take photos, make notes and draw.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Print and art fair at Leaf on Bold Street

I haven't painted much this week I've been too busy trying to get prints etc for the art fair at the newly opened Leaf on Bold Street. It runs from 11-5 on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th April. I will have original works from the Liverpool Paintings, some actual size copies on acrylic, and fingers crossed some prints and cards. There will also be some still life and Cornish works, both original and prints. There will be lots of other artists there showing their work too, and entrance is free, so hopefully I’ll see you there.