Thursday, 17 June 2010

May I Start, May I Finish. Studio update

I had a go at yesterdays painting in the studio today, with the four oils suggested in the last post. This is the first pass at the slightly changed picture. I have to say that the palette might be more suited to sunny autumn days, rather than the full colour of the summer months. I notice that the black and ochre to make green, performed far better in oils than it does in acrylics, and the sky is just black, white and a touch of red...looks almost bluish.

I will transcribe a few of my favourites paintings from the project using oils, as the edges are far easier to manipulate than with quick drying acrylic. This is not a problem if you work really quickly, wet in wet, but you really can't stop for too long before it's as dry as the Betty Ford Clinic. I have tried the retarders with acrylics but find them a little sticky to use.

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