Friday, 25 June 2010

May I Start, May I Finish. Pochade painting of Everton Brow.


Another one done from photos, colour studies and a sketch from Everton Park. Been Googling other painters who are involved in painting urban street scenes,(it can seem a bit nerdish not being at the cutting edge of art), and came across the work of Danny Markey. Danny claimed second prize in The Royal Watercolour Society/Sunday Times Watercolour Competition.

Frank Whitford, Art Critic for The Sunday Times and one of the judges, writing in The Sunday Times, 30 August 2009, says;

'The subject-matter is simple, like a straight blues riff: suburban landscapes and night scenes, which at first sight appear lonely until one registers, almost everywhere, the residual presence of humanity. Cars nestle in driveways; a solitary camper van looks out over the bay, a river of lights drifts down a Welsh valley. Even when the humanizing strokes are few, so that we’re more aware of absence than presence, the effect can be soothing, though not perhaps comforting, cars and vans and cement-mixers making a kind of wide-screen still-life with the natural world for a backdrop. '

Don't feel as nerdish now.

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