Friday, 18 June 2010

BBC Coverage

Full interview for the BBC, this can also be found on their site.

Sprainger Street
Steve Strode's painting of Sprainger Street

Liverpool artist Steve Strode is aiming to paint pictures of over two hundred unsung city sites over the next year.

Producing around 20 pieces a month he plans to exhibit the year's worth of work at the end of the project.

He will deliberately focus on unsung areas of Liverpool, rather than the iconic images that are usually shown.

Steve says he wants the public to suggest areas that may soon be gone,"The Liverpool I remember is quickly disappearing," he said.

"I think there's enough people doing the waterfront and pictures of the cathedrals."

Steve wants people to suggest areas they think he should paint by commenting on his website.

His paintings, are comparatively small, measuring 21cm x 14cm.

Steve says this is by necessity because of how he has to work in many locations, "Once you get out there if you're struggling with a great big canvas you'll draw a lot of attention and it's very unwieldy."

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