Saturday, 28 August 2010

Liverpool painting No64. May I Start, May I Finish. Regent Road

Liverpool’s historic Bascule Bridge on Regent Road was today (25th August 2010) re-opened to the public by Peel and City Council Leader Joe Anderson.

The 78 year old year old Bascule Bridge was closed for inspection and repair in May 2008 and subsequently condemned due to natural corrosion. Since this date, the owners of the bridge Peel, has worked closely with Liverpool Council’s Heritage and Highways Departments to find an amicable solution to safeguard this landmark.

The bridge is the only surviving example of a rolling Bascule lifting bridge in Liverpool and is an integral feature of the Stanley Dock Conservation Area and the World Heritage designation. It is also an important link in the north south highway network.

In addition to repairs and replacement of parts of the steel structure, the timber engine house on top of the bridge has been given a new natural slate roof and aluminium rainwater pipes making it a key feature of the overall design. The motorised equipment has been retained inside the engine room and the bridge has been painted in its original colours.

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