Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Liverpool painting. May I Start, May I Finish. Windsor Street.

I have just finished reading a book on freelance writing by Catherine Quinn, ' No Contacts, No Problem; How to Pitch and Sell a Freelance Article.' and the last Chapter she mentions that Van Gogh didn't die a starving artist because he couldn't paint, but because his painting was not marketed correctly.

I think the slow realisation has dawned that the painter has to be so much more than a painter. It is not what or how we paint, but our persistence and how we market it.

Although Quinn is talking about writers it could so easily be aimed at painters when she goes on to add that in essence it sometimes does take years of practice to become an overnight success. I think it was Greg Norman the golfer who was dismissed as being lucky for winning an open, and he even agreed. He then went on to add that the more he practiced the luckier he got.

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