Friday, 20 August 2010

Liverpool Painting No.60. May I Start, May I Finish. Park Street.

French philosopher and poet, Gaston Bachelard once said that,

‘Each of us should make a surveyors map of his lost fields and meadows. In this way we cover the universe with drawings we have lived. These drawings need not be exact but they need to be written according to the shapes of our inner landscapes’

If I was to write a book it would be all about wandering and wondering: walking writing and making art. Mapping and recording the journeys made, just making memories. I have always liked to read nonfiction books that I could readily imagine, so I think I would want a book I could read and recall, a book that was resonant with memories. Perhaps you could read this book and imagine. Perhaps you could become lost in the journey of another person for a short while then set about making your own book, mapping your own lost fields and meadows, writing and drawing the life you have lived according to the shape of your inner landscape.


gopikrishna said...

nice paint

Dennis S. said...

Glad to see a quote from Gaston Bachalard. His book "The Poetics of Space" inflenced me a great dealand in particular his emphasis on "reverie". If you want a book you can get lost in try Electric Eden by Rob Green. Magical.

Dennis S. said...

Sorry rob Young, apologies.