Thursday, 26 August 2010

Liverpool painting No63. May I Start, May I Finish. Little Howard Street

I tracked down a Chambre Hardman photograph and painted from Love Lane looking towards the docks. The arched bridge is still there but it looks like the one before it in the photo is gone It may have been part of the old Liverpool Overhead Railway which was demolished in the late 50's by the not so wise. What an addition to the river front it would be today. I found some old film of the line that could so easily be New York or Chicago.

Description: Photograph of Little Howard Street taken from Love Lane. 'A soft focus technique has been used here to emphasize the luminosity of the dusty atmosphere seen against the light. The railway to Southport is carried on the bridges above'. [Hardman]
Creator: E. Chambré Hardman
Date: 1928

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