Monday, 5 March 2012

Painting Class. After a painting by Trevor Chamberlain

After a painting by Trevor Chamberlain. 25cm x 20cm acrylic on paper.

SARAH Hall class.

Trevor’s a fine painter who manages to record a lot of information with as few stokes of the brush as possible.

Plan the sketch and draw in the main components of the picture and darken the tones in pencil if you wish.

Block in the main shapes with a large brush and get a rough match of colour and tone. On the trees thinly block in the darkest colour first. Vary the edges of tree against sky have distant ones blended and nearer ones with some sharp edges for relief.

Using a knife put in the bridge and work with a lighter colour on the sky and trees. Allow some of the under painting to show through on the trees as shadow areas.

With a smaller brush do nothing more than suggest the shapes that make up the boat. Don’t be tempted to fiddle with perceived detail because you have a small brush.

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