Friday, 30 March 2012

The Natural Way to Draw.

Reading my copy of the excellent, ‘The Natural Way to Draw’, by Kimon Nicolaides. I’m starting at the beginning and did some contour drawing while on my stint at the gallery; yes that’s how busy we were. The theory is that you spend more time looking at the object than at the paper so what you lose in accuracy you more than make up for in learning to look.

The practice becomes a meditation with drawing and you really do become lost in the experience and lose all track of time.

‘It is not how to draw, but how to learn to draw. It is never the lack of ability but a lack of understanding. Theory is not enough much practice is necessary and the fist function of the art student is to observe.’ Kimon Nicolaides.

I couldn't resist a quick gesture drawing of two early visitors.

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