Monday, 11 July 2011

Practice Your Practice

The art classes have finished until September so it's a good time to incorporate some practice to supplement my own work. Looking at artists' such as Richard Schmid, (drawing), and the watercolours of Charles Reid, gives me the chance of working with other materials and styles.

So long as you remember that the object of the exercise is to learn from them and not call the work your own, absorb the lessons and develop your own style. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to work in watercolour as it's a much neglected medium of mine.

‘Copying the Masters was considered to be a part of the painter’s training, not the final product . . .’ Rian Hughes


Phoneblog said...

a such nice painting. I like the watercolour drawing.

steve strode said...

Cheers, Although I can't take all the credit, they're copies of the excellent Charles Reid.