Friday, 24 September 2010

Liverpool painting No. 74. Lime Street

Lime Street, 21cm x 14cm.

In May of this year I began a year-long journey attempting to capture the city of Liverpool in paint. I’m taking to heart the words of French poet and philosopher, Gaston Bachelard, who said:

“Each of us should make a surveyors map of his lost fields and meadows. . . these drawings need not be exact but they need to be written according to the shapes of our inner landscapes.”

And so, I decided to map my own fields and meadows—metaphorically speaking, of course, since this is a city. Working from life and from the studio, my goal is to finish 15 to 20 small paintings per month. I hope to reach 200, by the end of the project.



Brad Blackman said...

Great series. I really dig the urban textures and flavors. I do similar work from a different angle but I really like what you do. Keep it up!

Brad Blackman said...

BTW I forgot to mention I saw your post on empty easel and came here.