Thursday, 1 April 2010

New Classes

All the works shown on this post are that of Steve Strode, and not that of the artist mentioned. Copies of the originals and other works will be available at the classes.

New classes begin on the week of April 12th these pictures are posted to show the kind of work we will be doing over the 10 weeks. Covering watercolour and oil techniques in acrylic, I tend to illustrate the point of each 2 hour class with the work of a different artist. For watercolour class we will look at the work and techniques of Charles Reid, and Kurt Jackson, . Five weeks will be spent using basic watercolour techniques.

Five weeks will also be spent on basic oil techniques, but over the 10 weeks we will look at colour, both primary and secondary. Tints, tones and shades, tonal range and much more.

Work in the style of Peggi KrollRoberts.

Work in the style of Kevin Macpherson, Charles Sovek, and Trevor Chamberlain.
Before coming on the course you may like to look up one or more of these painters and their work.

The books I have, and can recommend looking at are;

Trevor Chamberlain.
Oil Painting, Pure and Simple.

Kevin Macpherson.
Landscape Painting, Inside and Out.
Fill your Oil Paintings With Light and Colour.

Charles Reid.
Painting Flowers in Watercolour.
Watercolour Solutions.
Watercolour Secrets

Richard Schmid.
Alla Prima, Everything I Know About Painting

Ted Goershner. Oil Painting, The Workshop Experience

Other books I have for you to look through include,

Hawthorne on Painting.
Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting.
Robert Henri's, The Art Spirit.
Betty Edwards, Drawing on The Right Side of The Brain.
Bert Dobson, Keys To Drawing.

Contact me through this site for further details. All the best, Steve

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