Sunday, 12 January 2014

After Edward Wesson

23 cm x 19 cm watercolour on paper.

I've been trying out some new brushes for an article that will appear in the May edition of Leisure Painter. Included in the selection were a couple of mop brushes as used by Edward (Ted) Wesson, I must say I'm hooked. They're bigger than anything I've used before and great for mopping in large areas, but they taper down to such a fine point for smaller touches that it's like having two brushes in one.

Edward Wesson used the mop brush giving his painting that loose and distinctive style, I believe it helped to give Ted’s paintings such a fluid feeling. The polishers mop; a brush he found in France made of squirrel hair and bound with wire was comparatively floppy when wet, as opposed to a springy sable most watercolourists use. Ted used it with tremendous confidence and aplomb and virtually made it his own. ‘The Art of Edward Wesson’ by Ron Ranson 

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