Monday, 29 April 2013

Mark Making and Texture

After Kurt Jackson

Working at the Cape with The Brisons on the horizon


Tuesday’s lesson will see us working in the style of the Cornish painter Kurt Jackson.
The painting is of The Brisons just off Cape Cornwall.

We will work in a combination of oil and watercolour styles. The lesson is focused on making different marks and getting different textures with the paint, so anything goes. I want you to concentrate on playing with the paint and seeing what happens if...

Kurt Jackson usually works on his knee or lays out very large canvas’ on the floor. We will block the canvas in standing at an angle and use plenty of water with the paint. Don’t worry about the drips, try to let yourself go and enjoy the paint.

For the second stage we will lay the canvas flat and work within the shapes we have created using both watercolour and oil techniques.

We will need ultramarine and cobalt blue, burnt umber, crimson red, cadmium yellow, white, hogs hair brushes and a painting knife.

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