Monday, 2 May 2011

Art Class

For students attending the art classes simply access the painting we were working on and complete it in your own time if you need to finish. Read the handouts before starting. See you next week.

Brief recap

For the next 5 weeks we will be exploring watercolour techniques. This week we will be using acrylics like watercolour paint in the loose style of Charles Reid.

Loosen up and let accidents happen, if you don’t like them control them by lifting or adding more paint

Avoid over mixed palette colours. The less mixing you do the richer your paint quality will be, one way is to let your colour mix on the paper. Paint for the darks should be thick like soup and not watery. Don’t over mix, pick up the colours you need and mix them on the paper.

Brush hand on the paper to direct your brush. Start from the point. Push down to the ferrule and pull. Vary your brush marks from up, down and side to side; don’t paint up and down like you’re painting the bathroom door.

Clean the palette regularly and don’t be tempted to use a colour or value simply because it’s on the palette, clean it and make some more. Remember if it’s on the palette it will end up on your painting.

To get a crisp edge brush away from the hard edge you want to create, i.e. on paint away from the shape you want to keep hard.

Tie in the background, vary the edges.

Better to have a look of the unfinished, rather than to overdo it.

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