Thursday, 7 April 2011

Speke Hall scullery painting.

21cm x 14cm, acrylic on canvas board

One of the paintings of the scullery items in Speke Hall, probably a few more to follow as the place is a treasure trove of the things we used to use. I like the way the room was left, almost as if the staff would return to use it at any time.

I have a still life in the show at Editions on Cook Street

Liverpool Open 2011

Liverpool Open Exhibition 2011 at Editions Gallery
Following on from the very successful 2009/2010 Liverpool Open Exhibition at Editions Gallery, Merseyside based artists and print makers are invited by Editions Ltd and LOACA.ART to submit work for the 2011 Liverpool Open Exhibition.
The exhibition will run from the 7 April (Private View) to the 7 May in Editions Gallery, Cook Street, Liverpool.

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