Thursday, 24 March 2011

Liverpool painting No.116. Aigburth Drive

21cm x 14cm acrylic on canvas board, £90.

I pass the Alicia hotel when I go for a jog around Sefton Park and I’m always struck by the lights on the trees and the building. I now run for the duration of an album, no set miles no personal best to beat, just run until the albums finished. I had often seen people running to the sound of their music so I thought, why not run for the duration of it.

I have no idea how long an album is going to be, and once I’ve done it I never play it again on the road. The first time I was running to music I thought, why not carry on to the end of the album, innocent enough, and so on I plodded. Can I just add at this stage that you have to decide, before, you start the run that you intend to see out the album and pace yourself accordingly.

In my case I had to stop a few songs short of the album finishing for fear of a comedy death. You see the music was simply hiding the fact that if I were to carry on at this rate I would probably go on to respiratory failure and cardiac arrest, not funny in itself granted, but if the paramedics removed the headphones from my sweating bloated head and discovered I was listening to the soundtrack from, ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, they would no doubt spot the irony.

It has been said that angels talk to a man when he goes for a walk; I think they canvas new members when he goes for a jog, especially if you don’t pace yourself. Like the song says, ‘keep on runnin’.

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