Monday, 10 January 2011

Liverpool drawing. Otterspool Prom


21cm x 15cm carbon and white acrylic.

I’m getting back to the painting and drawing after a long winter break. I walked from the Albert Dock to the Britannia Pub along the prom and back again, another first for me. I had no paints just a carbon pencil, white acrylic and some of Busters water. I'd gone for a walk with my wife and the dog, I’d decided to let some sea air blow through their bones...the dog that is, not the wife. The rails were full of fishermen along the way so I couldn't resist a sketch into the sun.


Phoneblog said...

Hi Steve,
only black and white. I like it.
How long did it take to draw?

steve strode said...

Hi Phoneblog,

Took about an hour. All the best, Steve.