Monday, 11 October 2010

For Painting Students On the Acrylic Course

Working in the style of Charled Reid, paintings by Steve Strode.

Painting classes have started again and it was suggested that painted examples could be added to supplement the lessons, so here goes for the first time, online lesson extensions. Good luck, see you next week.

For those of you wishing to work from home on the computer remember to blow up the image as large as possible

Working from the Charles Reid paintings which I have duplicated, and using the techniques we have covered, work the whole painting wet in wet. Reproduce either study.


Use acrylic paint diluted at least 3 to 1.
Paint the subject wet in wet.
Shadows are always connected to the subject, and act as an anchor.
Start with the darks and mid value colours leaving the whites till last.
Remember to step back from the painting and review it from at least 8ft or so.
Pure acrylic can be added at the end to regain whites and tint down any colour that is too strong.
Reserve these pure highlights and any splashes of colour until the final part of the painting, which is, adding accents.

For more Charles Reid works visit.

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