Sunday, 21 March 2010

Plein Air at Mousehole

Finally...the camera and the computer have decided to accept images at last, after a change of cable, been trying for nearly two weeks. I did a series of walks in Cornwall but before starting out for Lamorna, I had a little mooch around Mousehole, one of my starting points on the coast road. This was one of the quiet lanes that fell away to the sea.

I usually start these small paintings with a pencil layout or plan of the picture and move straight to the block in where it looks like a jigsaw of light and dark, with an approximation of the colours I want to use for the overall light effect. Lastly I work within the shapes adding just enough here and there, then finishing with accents of light and colour. Working small like this, (20cm x 14cm) on my pochade box normally takes an hour and a half or there abouts

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