Friday, 8 May 2009

Lanscape Painting And Back to Cornwall

Took myself back to Cornwall for the last couple of days...well a sort of mental and spiritual visit. I get out my sketches and small paintings, play the music I played whilst I was making them on site and hey presto, I'm almost there. I find that music is a great key to open up the memory of a place. How many times have you heard someone say , 'oh,.... this record brings back memories'. I usually select some music on site, preferably no lyrics and play them on a headset this becomes the soundtrack to the working session. Once back at the studio I find this is a great key to unlock the thoughts and feelings that were present at the making of the sketches and small paintings. Stuff I've used in the past include Moby, Lisa Gerrard, Philip Glass or classical, anything without the distraction of lyrics, it really does have to be in the background and not distract. Give it a go, really it works.

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