Saturday, 21 February 2009

Painting a Day

Took time out today to try a small studio study to test some new Michael Harding paints. Set a time limit of 90mins to do a small study after coming across lots of traffic about the Daily Painters. Yeh I know they've been around for a while now but it was just my turn to discover them. Although I am used to the practice of finishing a painting in a single session I really admire the discipline involved in committing to such a schedule that demands it every day. Food for thought though as I paint most every day anyway...just don't always complete a single piece unless it is a plein air study. I usually find that in the studio I can be working on up to 4 or 5 works at a time so taking time out to commit to one finished piece could be difficult...quite fancy it though, there's a certain buzz about this type of working practice that is quite different to the stop start process of the studio based stuff. Watch this space.

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workinghard said...

The detail in the piece is fascinating to me. Since I do not have any artistic ability I am always amazed at the skill of those that do have the gift. Enjoyed your piece.